Coming Soon: Microsoft System Center 2019

System Center 2019

Microsoft announced the Microsoft System Center 2019 will be generally available in March 2019. System Center 2019 enables deployment and management of Windows Server 2019 at a larger scale to meet the data center needs.

System Center 2019 is LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) release with the 5 years of standard and 5 years of extended support. It will also an Update Rollup releases every six months over the mainstream support window of 5 years.

 Azure Web Console
Azure Web Console

There are three focus areas on new System Center 2019 release:

  • First-class tools to monitor and manage data centers
  • Support and manage capabilities in the latest versions of Windows Server
  • Enable hybrid management and monitoring capabilities with Azure.

New Feature System Center 2019


Microsoft has integrated System Center with a set of management services in Azure to augment the on-premises tools.

SCOM Web Monitoring
Web Monitoring

System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) — Users can automatically create distributed application diagrams in Operations Manager (OM) that are based on the dynamic dependency maps in Service Map.

Azure Management Pack — Users can now view perf and alert metrics in SCOM, integrate with web application monitoring in Application Insights, and monitor more PaaS services, such as Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Factory, etc.

Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) — Enables simplified patching of VMs by integrating with Azure Update Management.


System Center products now support service logon and shun the dependency on interactive logon aligning with security best practice.

VMM 2019 now includes a new role, VM administrator, which provides just enough permissions for read-only visibility into the fabric of the data center, but prevents escalation of privilege to fabric administration.

Software Defined Datacenter

With VMM 2019, Users can manage and monitor HCI deployment more efficiently – from upgrading or patching Storage Spaces Direct clusters without downtime to monitoring the health of disks.

VMM 2019 storage optimization enables the users to optimize placement of VHDs across cluster shared volumes and prevents VM outages caused when the storage runs full.

Modernizing operations and monitoring

There are plenty of updates and features on the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). With HTML5 support, New Alert notification experience, Linux monitoring, and also SCOM management pack, it will give the users a better experience of monitoring.

Data Protection Manager 2019

DPM Monitoring and Alerts
DPM Monitoring

Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2019 will provide backups optimized in time (faster) and space (consumes less storage). DPM 2019 also supports backup of VMware VMs to tape.

Orchestrator 2019 and Service Manager 2019

Orchestrator 2019 supports PowerShell V 4.0 and above, enabling you to run 64-bit cmdlets. Service Manager 2019 will ship with an improved Active Directory (AD) connector that is now capable of synchronizing with a specific domain controller.



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