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Check Folder Size using PowerShell command

Sometimes, you need to know how big a folder using PowerShell command. For the example once you on PowerShell session command and...

Receiving Error 55 when running net statistics server command

Q: I got "System Error 55" when ran "net statistics server" command A. Disabling / Removing SMB1 may be caused by this issue. You can verify if SMB1 is...
DNS header

Configure the DNS Client using PowerShell

There is a DNSClient module on PowerShell you can use in addition ipconfig command. By default, this command is available on the...

How to collect storage space tier performance statistics using Windows Perfmon

Knowing the Storage Tier performance statistic will help System Admin to troubleshot the performance issue. In this post, I will show you...

Microsoft Build 2018 – Vision Keynote is live now

You can also follow this link https://news.microsoft.com/build2018/ for the detail.