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Keyboard Update

Move WSUS Content to another location

In case you facing the situation that you need to move the WSUS content to another location to free up the disk...
Active Directory

Setting up Active Directory in Windows Server 2016 part 2

After installing Active Directory role to the server, there are three options in the promoting a domain controller. First, you can configure the server...
DHCP Server

Enable DHCP Server Logging on Windows Server 2019

Problem Sometimes, You want to enable DHCP Server logging to monitor the DHCP server to track down the issue...

Free E-book from Microsoft Azure: Guide to NoSQL with Azure Cosmos DB

Are you looking for an ebook about NoSQL database using Azure Cosmos DB? Microsoft just shares theĀ Guide to NoSQL with Azure Cosmos...
Learn azure month of lunches

Free E-Book: Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches Free E-book

If you started to learn Microsoft Azure, this book will be useful for you tobuild your cloud computing skills quickly and efficiently....