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Microsoft Build 2018 – Vision Keynote is live now

You can also follow this link https://news.microsoft.com/build2018/ for the detail.

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator E-mail Alerts

OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) is a software agent that provides a comprehensive, one-to-one systems management solution in two ways: from an integrated,...
microsoft calculator github

Microsoft Windows Calculator Source Code

Microsoft announced that they are open sourcing the Windows Calculator on GitHub under the MIT License on March 6, 2019. You can...

Redirect from HTTP to HTTPS on IIS using URL Rewrite module

Before you continue, you need to ensure that the URL Rewrite Module for IIS has been installed on your IIS Web server. You can...
Windows Sysinternals

System Monitor (Sysmon) v9 is Now Available

System Monitor (Sysmon) is a Windows System Service and Device Driver that will monitor and log the system activity to Windows Event...