Microsoft Windows Calculator Source Code

microsoft calculator github

Microsoft announced that they are open sourcing the Windows Calculator on GitHub under the MIT License on March 6, 2019. You can find the source code, build system, unit tests, and product roadmap on it’s GitHub repository.

Microsoft said they want to bring the better user experience in partnership with the community, wanted fresh perspectives and increased participation from the community to help define the future of Windows Calculator.


As you know, the Microsoft Windows Calculator is a software calculator written in C++. The Microsoft Windows Calculator provides the standard, scientific, programmer calculator functionality and a set of converters between various units of measurement and currencies.

Microsoft Calculator


Microsoft Calculator has many features to help your daily activity as below.

  • Standard Calculator functionality.
  • Scientific Calculator functionality which offers expanded operations and evaluates commands using order of operations.
  • Programmer Calculator functionality which offers common mathematical operations for developers including conversion between common bases.
  • Calculation history and memory capabilities.
  • Conversion between many units of measurement.
  • Currency conversion based on data retrieved from Bing.

Windows Calculator Roadmap

In 2019, the Windows Calculator team is focused on:

  • Refining the open source development process on GitHub
  • Iterating upon the existing app design based on the latest Fluent Design guidelines
  • Improving testing and diagnostics within the project
  • Investigating new features with a focus on addressing top user feedback, including:
  • Adding the ability for users to pin Calculator on top of other windows
  • Providing additional customization options


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