Free E-book from Microsoft Azure: Guide to NoSQL with Azure Cosmos DB


Are you looking for an ebook about NoSQL database using Azure Cosmos DB? Microsoft just shares the Guide to NoSQL with Azure Cosmos DB. 

This book shows you how to develop applications that work with Azure Cosmos DB. Azure and other cloud applications typically work with massive amounts of data that can be organized in different ways. These applications will often require elastic scalability of storage and throughput, and will often need to work across new geographical regions. This is the problem that Microsoft’s Azure Cosmos DB service addresses. It is a globally distributed, massively scalable, and multi-model NoSQL database service.

You will learn how to use the Azure Cosmos DB Emulator. You will start by writing simple queries against Cosmos DB data and handling the responses, and then learn how to use more sophisticated querying constructs. You will create a full C# application that integrates with Cosmos DB, and learn about the .NET Core 2 classes that are needed to do so. You will work with LINQ and POCOs to cement your querying capabilities.

Having mastered Cosmos DB’s NoSQL capabilities by the end of this book, you will be able to build scalable, globally distributed, and highly responsive applications.

To get the eBook, you can download it from here.


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