Free E-Book: SQL Server 2017 Administration


The velocity of change for the Microsoft SQL Server DBA has increased this decade. The spanbetween the releases of SQL Server 2016 and 2017 was only 16 months, the fastest new releaseever. Gone are the days when DBAs had between three to five years to soak in and adjust to newfeatures in the engine and surrounding technologies.

This book is written and edited by SQL Server experts with two goals in mind: to deliver a solid foundational skillset for all of the topics covered in SQL Server configuration and administration, and also to deliver awareness and functional, practical knowledge for the dramatic number of new features introduced in SQL Server 2016 and 2017. We haven’t avoided new content—even content that stretched the boundaries of writing deadlines with late-breaking new releases.release everYou will be presented with not only the “how” of new features but also the “why” and the“when” for their use.

There are 14 Chapters on this book

  1. Getting started with SQL Server toolsChapter
  2. Introducing database server components
  3. Designing and implementing a database infrastructure
  4. Provisioning database
  5. Provisioning Azure SQL Database
  6. Administering security and permissions
  7. Securing the server and its data
  8. Understanding and designing tables
  9. Performance tuning SQL Server
  10. Understanding and designing indexes
  11. Developing, deploying, and managing data recovery
  12. Implementing high availability and disaster recovery
  13. Managing and monitoring SQL Server
  14. Automating SQL Server administration

To get this free e-book, you can download it from here.



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