Friday, May 7, 2021

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Fix AD Replication issue because of USN Rollback

WARNING: Since this article can cause an issue on your System, take any necessary action before running any command. Today, I got a replication error...

Move WSUS Content to another location

In case you facing the situation that you need to move the WSUS content to another location to free up the disk space. Below...

Windows Task Scheduler Fails With Error Code 2147943785

Problem I've configured the Windows Task Scheduler on my Server to run a PowerShell Script. However, the Windows Task Scheduler Fails to run with error...


Hyper-V Live Migration error: “The operation is not supported”

Issue When you run the Hyper-V Live migration or move the storage location of the VM on the Stand-Alone Hyper-V server (Not Cluster), you got...

Find Hyper-V where the VM hosted

Issue: When you are working on the VM remotely, Sometimes, you need to know on which Hyper-V server your VM currently hosted. It...

Enable VM Replication

Enable VM Replication on Hyper-V server will allows you to replicate a Virtual Machine from one of Hyper-V server to another Hyper-V server. There...

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Use PowerShell to add exclusion folder or file Extension on the Windows Defender

Sometimes, you need to exclude the folder or specific file extension from being scanned by Windows Defender. Below is the PowerShell command that you can...

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